Holiday Types That Will Please Your Discerning Teens

It can be difficult choosing a holiday destination you know for sure your teenagers won’t be disappointed with, but there are plenty of places out there that both you and the youngsters will love. Usually, your best bet is to opt for somewhere with plenty going on and with a good crowd of people who are a mixture of ages.
While the kids are still at home – and before they choose to jet off around the world with their friends – take advantage! These are the best years to be going on trips away as a family, so choose the right spot and make the most of it.

Surf-Central Getaways

Cornwall is hugely popular because of its relaxed and laidback vibe, and you can enjoy a similar atmosphere at a selection of resorts in northern Spain and southern France. Spain’s San Sebastian and Biarritz are great options, with fantastic beaches and a happening nightlife in both destinations – the youngsters will love it.

Active Adventures

Head over to Portugal’s Algarve and you’ll find a whole host of brilliant purpose-built resorts with facilities for a vast range of sports. There’ll be something for everyone at Vila Vita Parc since the village is home to a golf course, tennis courts as well as its own restaurants and bars. This is a great option for families with teenagers as there is ample opportunity for the kids to socialise on their own within a safe environment.

City Breaks

New York is one of the world’s best destinations for a family holiday. This is a city to suit all tastes and interests, so you and the kids won’t be getting bored in a hurry. You might opt for a cool hotel to impress the kids, or perhaps opt for something a little bit different such as renting a flat in trendy Brooklyn.

Villa Rental & Sharing With Friends

Why not rent a large house or villa with family friends who have children of a similar age? Ideally, this would be near a village or town which the younger ones can safely explore together. Spain and Portugal are great options for this, and the flights won’t be too long either.

Before You Go

A great way to start preparing for your trip is to purchase some worldwide travel insurance for the whole gang. This will protect you and your family should anything not go to plan whilst you’re on your holiday. Having that worldwide travel insurance in place will give you the peace of mind to know that should anything go wrong, you’ll be covered.

Getting your worldwide travel insurance sorted well in advance of your departure date will not only guarantee you the best price, but will also mean you can relax in the knowledge that you’ll be protected no matter where you are in the world.

Impressing your teenagers with your choice of holiday destination can be tricky, but you won’t go far wrong if you choose a surf centre, a buzzing city, a super sports resort or if you opt to share a villa with friends. Whether it’s New York, the Algarve or San Sebastian, it’ll be a trip that the whole family can enjoy!

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Patrick Chong is the Managing Director of InsureMore, an award-winning team of specialists in single trip, annual and worldwide travel insurance. The company offers great deals for various travel insurance policies, so clients can always rest assured that they’re fully protected no matter where they travel.